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Garden Design

Plants that are native to the Delaware and Lehigh watershed regions are already well adapted to our climate and soils. Therefore native species tolerate our humid summers, cold winters, extreme temperature and moisture fluctuations; as well as our clay loam and stony soils. In fact, native plantings along with natural processes can actually restore soil that has been depleted over the years through deforestation, agriculture, construction, and other urban disturbances. Planting a rich palette of indigenous plants creates a habitat that supports a vast array of biodiversity – and subsequently improves the overall health and environmental integrity of our Delaware Valley region. A properly sited native plant will also require much less care than non-native plants.
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Rustic Furniture

Weatherwood strives to work in harmony with natural cycles through its re-purposing ideology – our ecologically responsible way to reuse trees or materials by removing invasive species and creatively putting them to uses that don’t contribute to our region’s landfills. With trees, we may recycle them into outdoor furniture pieces or other finished wood products depending on the type of wood and the client’s desire. Non-tree plantings can be re-purposed in many ways, depending on their species and size. Native species can be moved to areas on the property that would be more appropriate for the plants’ sunlight and moisture requirements; invasive species can be removed and herbaceous elements composted; unwanted or non-native large shrubs can be recycled by – for example – crafting interesting fencing from the plants’ branches, or other garden components of interest.
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