Weatherwood's approach to township and municipal work is holistic in that we don't approach engagements as "projects". Rather, we aim to form a partnership with you and other stakeholders and to participate in the lifecycle of the landscape – from observation, to concept, to implementation, to ongoing maintenance and communication. A public landscape is continually evolving, as are its users and their needs. And while we seek to make each project blend into its natural, cultural, and historic setting, a key part of our observation phase is to work with you and your colleagues to articulate the desired use for the space, as well as the medium and long-term plans, if applicable.

Creating public resilient gardens often involves many opinions and personalities. Weatherwood’s landscape architects use their proven skills to understand the unique needs of each individual. They then coalesce the collective vision into a design concept, that when approved results in the implementation of unique outdoor spaces of which you, as well as each original stakeholder, can be proud.

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